PD map update – September’17 edition

We are proud to announce a new release of the Parkinson’s disease map. This PD map update brings changes in the user interface and the improvement of many functionalities. We hope this will help you to better use the map. Below is a short summary of what has changed.


The SEARCH function now groups four options: i.e., GENERIC (elements in the map); DRUG (drugs targets in the map); CHEMICAL (chemicals interacting with map’s elements) and MiRNA (miRNA targets in the map). In addition, the results include information about targets in the submaps with direct links to them. 

The OVERLAYS function is revised and offers a new functionality for easy, direct upload of a simple list of elements (e.g., genes, proteins, simple molecules). You just type in or copy in a list of elements in the overlay form under USER-PROVIDED OVERLAYS and click on UPLOAD. The elements from the list will be colored in green in the map (see figures below). Thanks to Nicolas Le Novère from Babraham Institute who suggested this improvement during our last workshop in May.

Upload a

Upload b

An important note: based on numerous discussions with PD map users, we changes our color code for differential regulation: Blue for down-regulation, Red for up-regulation and Green just for present.

The INFO panel is newly structured. It compiles now different functions and information such as LOGIN, export function, and links to the manual and the list of curated publications. The list of publications has now extended functions. It is fully searchable and contains links back to the PD map.

Small but important changes happened all across the board, including: more information displayed when clicking on an element, improved export function, extended search engine, or better interaction with submaps. On top of this there are changes you will not see - huge number of small quirks and bugs reported by the users were hunted down and corrected by our senior developer, Piotr Gawron. 

For more detailed information on the new functionalities of the PD map please see our updated user manual.

We hope that you enjoy the new functionalities and we will be happy to receive your feedback on that. We would like to thank all the users that helped us with improving the PD map engine. Special thanks go to Piotr for his enormous work.

Stephan Gebel
Curator and coordinator